School summer holidays 2022 Liverpool: when do kids break up for summer in England - and autumn term dates

Pupils in Liverpool have already made their return from the summer half-term holiday on Monday, June 6 - but when is the summer break to end the current academic year?

With the recent half-term break behind them, school kids throughout Liverpool and the surrounding Merseyside area will draw their attention to the next school holidays - the summer break.

In what is the longest break of the entire school calendar year, the summer holidays act as a bookend for the current academic year; pupils and students will then either move up a year, or advance to the next stage - whether that be primary school, secondary school or university for example.

Here is everything you need to know about when schools in Liverpool are due to finish this summer, as well as when they are expected to return and the next bank holiday.

When did Liverpool school kids return from their half-term break?

Children have only recently returned to the classroom as a result of the recent half-term break across schools in Liverpool.

The week off consisted of celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee - an extended weekend to mark the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty as the UK’s head of state.

They returned on Monday 6 June with the break starting on Monday, 30 May.

How long are pupils back in school for?

The second half of the summer term for schools across Liverpool is expected to last just shy of two months.

School kids will be ecstatic to know that school is out after just seven more weeks.

When do schools finish for the summer break?

According to Liverpool City Council, the summer holidays for schools across the region are due to begin on Wednesday, 20 July 2022.

Bringing the curtain down on yet another academic year as your children move on to the next stages of their education.

When is the next bank holiday?

Queen Elizabeth II who this year celebrates her Platinum Jubilee (photo: Getty Images)

Liverpudlians have recently enjoyed yet another extended four-day weekend to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee - a bank holiday that consisted of one new date, as well as pushing back the already well-established late-May bank holiday.

This came not even a month after the country enjoyed yet another extended bank holiday weekend to celebrate Easter.

You will be surprised - and maybe a little disappointed - to know that there is a sizable gap from now until the next bank holiday in the UK.

The wait is expected to be another two months, with the next day off taking place in the month of August.

Known as the late summer bank holiday, the date that this falls on is Monday, 29 August 2022.

When are Liverpool school kids returning to school for the Autumn term?

Primary and secondary school children in Liverpool will be making their return to classrooms throughout the region after six weeks of the summer holidays.

According to the Liverpool City Council website, the next academic year will begin on Thursday, 1 September.

The half-term break will then take place from 24 October to 28 October, with the term coming to a conclusion to celebrate the Christmas festivities on Wednesday, 21 December until Tuesday January 3 2023