Dogs Trust: 22 dogs looking for a forever home in Liverpool and Merseyside - including Husky and Labrador

From Shih Tzus to Bulldogs, Dogs Trust have a number of pups seeking a new family.

If you’re looking to add a furry friend to your family, why not consider visiting Dogs Trust and adopting one of their lovely residents?

Dogs Trust’s Merseyside branch is based in Huyton, however, dog lovers across the region can visit and be introduced to their lovely pups. At the moment, there are 67 dogs looking for a new home, the highest number we have seen for quite some time.

Dogs of all different ages, breeds and personality types are available for adoption, with some looking to be housed with their canine friends.

Many of the adorable dogs have had pretty hard lives so far, including Greyhounds who have been forced to race and puppies who have been found abandoned. They would love to have a fresh start, in a home filled with love.

Here are 22 of Dogs Trust’s dogs and puppies, who would love to meet you!