Dogs Trust Merseyside: 14 dogs and puppies looking for a home in Liverpool and Merseyside - including Husky and Newfoundland

Dogs Trust are enouraging dog lovers to consider becoming foster carers or permanent owners to these adorable pups who want to be of your family.

Dogs Trust Merseyside are hoping to find forever homes for the adorable animals that have sadly been placed in their care - and numbers are up since the cost of living crisis hit.

Many owners are taking their pets to rescue centres, as they can no longer afford to care for them. Dogs Trust says every week, around 1,000 people are making the call to give up their dog.

From puppies to older dogs, the rehoming charity has all sorts of canine companions, hoping to bring a little extra joy to your life - including a Belgian Shepherd, a Pug and a Jack Russell.

Take a look at the lovely dogs below to see if you could give one a loving home. ‘Adopt don’t shop.

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