We went to Merseyside restaurant offering kebabs by candlelight for Valentines Day

The idea is to offer people an affordable alternative to the grand gesture or cheesy card.

A dozen red roses and a meal at a fancy restaurant - Valentines Day can cost couples a pretty penny. Not to mention Zoom meetings, putting kids to bed and an endless list of domestic chores, the average couple will be lucky to remember the night at all.

With the idea to offer people an affordable, stay-at-home alternative to the grand gesture or cheesy card, the team at I am Doner are offering kebabs at candlelight, with a mini-candle for couples who dine with them on the most romantic day of the year.

Rob Dixon, Manager at I am Doner in Bootle said: "Maybe it’s your first date, maybe it’s the first time you’ve seen each other, you don’t wanna go to somewhere like your high end restaurants and put pressure on the situation. Here you can come in relax with the food which you can discuss.

"On Valentine’s Day what we’ve got as an offer coming on, so we’re giving out free candles to any customers that are coming in store or getting a takeaway."

Now, I'm sure we've all heard of chocolate and oysters being an aphrodisiac but could a kebab be the thing we need to get us in the mood?

Rob seems to think so, he says: "I’ve been with my significant other for eight years. We’d be coming to somewhere like here as it’s more casual. I love a kebab and she loves a kebab so it’s the perfect place!"

They are also offering the first 20 couples to dine in store at the new Bootle restaurant a complimentary bottle of bubbly with their kebabs.

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and I'd be inclined to say it's also the way to a woman's.