Pizza Punks Liverpool: Freshly made sourdough pizza, unlimited toppings and tons of vegan options

We visited Bold Street’s new pizza venue to see if it lives up to the hype.

Pizza Punks opened their newest branch in Liverpool, this October. Located on bustling Bold Street, the150-cover restaurant is the Pizza Punks’ biggest UK venue.

Known for ‘create your own’ pizza, with 35 toppings to choose from, you can create your ideal pizza for £12 and have as many toppings as your heart desires, for no extra cost. Toppings include chorizo and buffalo chicken, plus a range of plant-based meats including BBQ jackfruit and tuscan sausage.

I headed to Pizza Punks on Saturday night, to decide for myself if the food was really as ‘kick-ass’ as claimed.

Entering the large restaurant, we were swiftly greeted and shown to our table. Punk hits played as our waitress, Darcey, explained the unlimited pizza options and took our drinks order.

Pizza Punks, Bold Street.

We opted for the Dead Punks’ Society cocktail - Bacardi, Bacardi spice, pineapple, passionfruit, grenadine and lime - and a pint of Blue Moon. The incredible cocktail arrived on fire, and our food order was taken.

Despite the restaurant being busy, Darcey was attentative and helped me choose my second cocktail, the Coconut Mojito - which was absolutely delicious.

Pizza Punks’ coconut mojito.

The decor throughout was modern and sophisticated, with dim lighting, black tables and neon-red signs throughout.

For starters, we ordered the garlic sourdough and garlic cheese bomb. Both were a twist on garlic bread, and were generous portions for only six and seven pounds.

When our starters came, we were told they would begin making our pizzas and we were able to watch them being created in the open kitchen.

We chose the Cubano pizza, which is a finalist in the National Pizza Awards and a create your own pizza with vegan cheese, vegan tuscan sausage, pulled jackfruit, BBQ base and olives.

Cubano pizza (top) and create your own pizza (bottom).

The freshly made pizzas were £12 each and absolutely huge, and we were able to choose dipping sauces. We opted for vegan mayo, garlic ranch, buffalo and blue cheese.

As someone who has been vegan for almost a decade, I can honestly say my create your own pizza is the best pizza I’ve eaten, and the tuscan sausage tasted extremely realistic.

Service was exceptional throughout the evening and staff members were attentative, friendly and genuinely happy to help and chat. Darcey was amazing and all of the staff had smiles on their faces, despite it being a busy Saturday evening.

I would rate food, drinks and service as 10/10 and will definitely be returning to try their create your own pasta too.