We tried Honest Burgers’ new Texas BBQ Special - here’s our verdict

The new special features two award-winning sauces and candied jalapeno mayo.

One of life’s little pleasures is definitely a good burger, so when Honest Burgers invited us to try their new special, we couldn’t say no.

My dining companion and I headed to the Liverpool Bold Street restaurant to sample the new offering to see if it was as good as it sounds.

The new special: Available until June 5, The Texan BBQ Burger is a new collaboration with award-winning brand, Tubby Tom’s, and features their Texas Drip and Fire Candy sauces, double American cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, candied jalapeno mayo, pickles and lettuce.

Often Honest Burgers offer vegan versions of their specials, however, this time that wasn’t the case - so I left tasting the exciting new burger to my dining companion, and I opted for the Fritter.

The Texan BBQ burger is priced at £14.50, and is served with homemade rosemary salted chips - which are just perfect every time.

My dining companion had previously said Honest Burger’s California special was the ‘best burger’ he’d ever eaten, so didn’t have the highest hopes that the Texan could beat it. However, he thoroughly enjoyed it and said it came in at a close second, with a rating of 9/10.

The Texan BBQ special.The Texan BBQ special.
The Texan BBQ special.

Vegan Fritter option: I opted for the Fritter, which is a southern-fried vegetable burger, with cheese, mayo, pickles and coleslaw. It usually comes vegetarian, so if you’re fussy like me, just let your server know that you’d prefer the vegan option!

The Fritter is £10 and comes with homemade rosemary salted chips, and as I said earlier, I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever not been blown away by the delicious fries.

Although Honest Burgers do ‘fake meat’ incredibly well, I enjoyed having a burger that wasn’t trying to be meat. Rather than tasting like beef, it was really nice to have a good old fashioned veggie burger, and I would definitely have it again - although the Plant burger remains my favourite.

The Fritter at Honest Burgers.The Fritter at Honest Burgers.
The Fritter at Honest Burgers.

Sides: We also ordered a side of Onion Rings and Buffalo Wings, which were incredible. I opt for the Onion Rings every time I dine at Honest Burgers and they’re always brilliant.

My dining partner was very impressed with the Buffalo Wings, which come slathered in Franks RedHot sauce - one of my all-time favourite sauces.

Drinks: For drinks, I had one of my favouite ever cocktails, Botanic Garden, which features gin, apple, elderflower, lime. I’ve had it several times before and it really is delicious. My dining partner had a Brooklyn Pilsner, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Pilsner.Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Pilsner.
Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Pilsner.

Final notes: Every time I’ve visited Honest Burgers’ Bold Street branch, the service has been incredible. Staff members are always polite, friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is brilliant. If you get chance before June 5, definitely try the Texan BBQ Burger, and if you love a good vegan burger, the Plant or Fritter are excellent choices!

Honest Burgers, Liverpool.Honest Burgers, Liverpool.
Honest Burgers, Liverpool.
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