Historic abandoned cottage in Liverpool rumoured to be ‘cursed’ undergoes amazing transformation

The property on Southwood Road, previously received attention due to mysterious picture frames and cryptic messages on the gates.

An historic abandoned cottage located in the St Michaels area of Liverpool rumoured to be ‘cursed’ by residents and passers-by has undergone a dramatic transformation.

The Cottage, which is estimated to be over 100 years old, is the last remaining building on the land, with the other three properties ‘no longer standing. The property over time has seen mysterious pictures and accompanying messages attached to the locked front gates of the cottage, with warnings reading: “Whoever removes this from its position will receive 48 hours of regret.”

Direct Developments began work on The Cottage last Summer, finding rooms filled waist high with rubbish and belongings, as well as overgrown plants and debris outside. The team even found ‘an urban explorer’ inside the property, filming content about the spooky, abandonded premises.

Now, the five-bed detached property has been restored and renovated, and has been valued at £780,000. Take a look at the transformation of The Cottage, which is currently listed on Rightmove.

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