Seven things to do in Liverpool to beat the heat - from an ice cream at Gelato to ice skating at Planet Ice

Temperatures are soaring in Liverpool and could hit a record high on Tuesday, so here are a few ideas on how to cool down in the city.

The United Kingdom is currently enduring a red weather warning for extreme heat with parts of country predicted to hit 41°C and Liverpool set for a new record high temperature.

So, LiverpoolWorld has compiled a list of a few helpful things that you can do in the city to help cool you down.

What is a heatwave?

Young people jump into King’s Dock to cool off. Image: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The word ‘heatwave’ is thrown around regularly when it comes to weather forecasts across the globe - but what is a heatwave?

According to the Met Office, a heatwave is an extended period of hot weather relative to the expected conditions of the area at that time of the year.

In the United Kingdom, this is the criteria the weather must meet to be considered a heatwave:

  • When a location records three consecutive days with a maximum temperature that exceeds the threshold (this varies depending on the county)

For example, Liverpool and the surrounding Merseysidearea has a threshold of 25℃.

How hot is Liverpool right now?

As we enter into the second day of amber and red weather warnings for extreme heat, Liverpool could be set for its hottest day on record.

Temperatures in the city hit 33.1°C on Monday, according to official figures from the Met Office, and experts predict it could get even hotter on Tuesday, possibly hitting 36℃.

What can I do in Liverpool to cool down during a heatwave?

Here is a list of all the things you can do in Liverpool to cool off and help wipe the sweat from your brow amidst the ongoing heatwave.

Visit a local Liverpool ice cream parlour

What better - and tastier - way to cool down during a heatwave than by visiting one of the many quality ice cream parlours in the Liverpool region.

The ice cold snack will not only tickle your taste buds, but help bring down your body temperature.

Here are five examples of some great local independent ice cream parlours in Liverpool:

  • The Reader Ice Cream Parlour - Calderstones Park: L18 3JB
  • The Real Dairy Ice Cream Van - Royal Albert Dock: L3 4AN
  • Moonlight- 6 South Road, Waterloo: L22 5PQ
  • Kaspa’s - 9-11 Crosshall St, Liverpool L1 6LS
  • Gelato UK - 41 Lark Ln, Liverpool L17 8UW

Take a trip to Crosby Beach

People enjoy the warm weather on Crosby Beach last year. (Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

This is often a surprise to many, but heading down to a local beach can do wonders when wanting to cool down during a heatwave.

Crosby Beach in Liverpool is a perfect place to do just that, sit and relax whilst you let the coastal gales and winds help you beat the heat.

However, if there are no gusts to keep you cool then you’ll need a parasol or some shelter to keep you cool between dips in the sea.

Crosby, Merseyside

Head on down to a local Liverpool pool

Going for a swim in a pool, especially an outdoor one, is a great way to chill out and cool down when the rays are becoming too much for you to handle.

As soon as you enter and touch the cold and cooling water, your body will thank you.

Here are three examples of swimming pools in Liverpool:

  • Liverpool Watersports Centre - 110 Mariners Wharf: L3 4DG
  • Liverpool Aquatics Centre - Wellington Road: L15 4LE
  • Swim! Liverpool - Triumph Way: L24 9GQ

Sit in the shade at one of Liverpool’s parks

Sefton Park Palm House

Head to a local park in Liverpool, find a park bench under the shade of a lovely green tree and you will ultimately find yourself cooling down.

You can even read or listen to a book, chat with friends and family or enjoy a nice cold refreshment whilst enjoying the shade, too.

Here are three examples of parks in Liverpool:

  • Sefton Park - Liverpool L17
  • Calderstones Park - Calderstones Road: L18 3JB
  • Stanley Park & Garden - Walton Lane, Anfield: L4 2SL

Go to a cinema in Liverpool

You wouldn’t think it but sitting inside a big dark cinema and watching a huge blockbuster film will do one hell of a job in bringing your temperature down.

These rooms are usually covered with air conditioning units that will blow some much-needed cold air in your direction.

Here are three examples of cinemas in Liverpool:

  • ODEON Liverpool - 14 Paradise Street: L1 8JF
  • Showcase Cinema de Lux Liverpool - 340 E Lancashire Road: L11 9YJ
  • Cineworld Liverpool - Speke Road, Speke: L24 8QB

Relax in the shade of a beer garden in Liverpool

Pub and bar beer gardens are the most ideal places to go to cool down for your average British person.

Sitting under the shade of an umbrella, sipping an ice cold pint and feeling the heat drain from you whilst enjoying good conversation and relaxation.

Here are three examples of beer gardens in Liverpool:

  • Thomas Rigby’s Courtyard - 23-25 Dale Street: L2 2EZ
  • Kazimier Gardens - 32 Seel Street: L1 4BE
  • Love and Rocket - 52 Lark Lane: L17 8UU

Skate around at Planet Ice in Widnes

If nothing in the list will do, visiting a local ice rink must surely do the job - you are quite literally surrounded by ice.

You will have to make the short trip to nearby Widnes though.

For more information about booking at Planet Ice in Widnes, please visit the official website.

Earle Road, Widnes: WA8 0TA