New hourly train service from Liverpool to Llandudno delayed due to Covid-19

The service will come into place 12 months later than originally planned
A train used by Transport for WalesA train used by Transport for Wales
A train used by Transport for Wales

Transport for Wales has announced that a new hourly service between Liverpool and Llandudno has been pushed back by 12 months.

This came as part of a wider announcement about additional train services across their network.

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The delays to the extra services have, according to TfW, been caused by “the enormous impact of COVID-19”.

The hourly service between Liverpool and Llandudno was due to be started in December 2022, but has been delayed until December 2023.

TfW Planning and Performance Director, Colin Lea, said: “It is not unique to us in Wales, but the pandemic continues to have a massive impact on all of us and I’m proud of the way we kept key workers moving during the darkest days.

“Since the original announcements in 2018, we have worked hard and are starting to see the fruits of that, with pacers now fully withdrawn and some new trains beginning testing around North Wales.

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“However, the pandemic has affected our ability to train new crews and has disrupted our supply chain in many ways.

“Despite this, we will deliver some of the additional services committed back in 2018 as planned, but a few have needed to be revised. Overall, all the additional services committed in 2018, over 60 new services, will be added to the weekday timetable in the coming few years.

“We remain confident that we will deliver on the ambitious plans the Welsh Government has for transport in Wales, including tackling the climate emergency, and we will continue working with partners for the benefit of the communities throughout Wales and the borders.”

The delivery of the revised plan is dependent on infrastructure changes by Network Rail, which is funded by the UK Government. Transport for Wales will work collaboratively with Network Rail as part of an ‘Event Steering Group’ to help deliver the revised plans.