People line up at Liverpool Town Hall to pay their respects to the Queen

People have been advised to leave floral tributes behind the Town Hall in Exchange Flags.

A book of condolence has been opened at Liverpool Town Hall for the public to leave their tributes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Opened by the Mayor and Lord Mayor, it's there for the citizens of Liverpool to express their thoughts and thanks to the former monarch for her 70-year reign.

Liverpool’s civic leaders sign the book of condolence for the Queen

Britain’s longest serving monarch passed away aged 96 at Balmoral on Thursday afternoon.

She was surrounded by her children and grand-children at the royal estate in Scotland after concerns grew about her health over the course of the day.

King Charles III will now begin his reign.

‘Greatest ambassador the country has ever had’

Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Roy Gladden

Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Roy Gladden, said: "The book of condolence gives people an opportunity to show their grief at the passing of the Queen by putting their thoughts and feelings into writing.

“She was the greatest ambassador that this country has ever had. She had a clear commitment to the country. That was expressed by the way she conducted herself, not only here in Liverpool, not only in the country itself but throughout the world.

“Even through times of turbulence, she was the study person that we needed and the one that people felt comfortable with."

Her Majesty visited the city on many occasions during her long reign, which always drew large crowds of well-wishers.

Many will remember her opening the Kingsway Tunnel, the Garden Festival, or when she opened the new Alder Hey Children's Hospital.

Louise Shepherd, Chief Executive, Alder Hey Children's Hospital, said: "She made it very clear that she was really keen to come and open the new facilities here and continue to support all of the work that we do here at Alder Hey and the city of Liverpool. We were absolutely thrilled with the day when it happened. It was an incredible occasion."

’I think we’re all feeling that loss’

Louise Shepherd, Chief Executive, Alder Hey Children's Hospital

Louise continued, "She's just always been there for us, hasn't she? She's been a stalwart. She's seen all the highs and lows that we have been through as a country. She's always been there. She has always been that rock. She's been a great role model.

“Speaking as a public servant, you couldn't get a better role model, and Queen Elizabeth worked tirelessly on behalf of the country. She provided great inspiration to everybody who wants to try and give something to the community, and I think we're all feeling that loss."