A first look inside new £11.4 million UK attraction Eureka! Science + Discovery

The eagerly awaited centre will open its doors to the public on Friday November 11.

Located at Seacombe Ferry Terminal on Wirral,  Eureka! Science + Discovery is designed for children and young people up to 14 years to discover how Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics influence and shape their lives. Through connecting the every day with the extraordinary, to ignite curiosities and present possibilities.

Over 120 local young people have worked with the centre over three years to create what’s inside. Everything is hands-on and interactive with the attraction being made up of three main zones: bodies, homes and nature.

The destination opens on Friday November 11, and Leanne Wise who heads up Customer Experience at Eureka! told LiverpoolWorld: "What I’m really looking forward to when we officially open is just seeing kids interact with the place. The different ways they’re going to learn that we might not necessarily have even thought of.

"We worked with kids right the way through from 12, 13 years old we’ve asked them what do you want that in a space just for you. This is what they’ve told us. They want more to do with the bodies and how their bodies change. Also looking more into the world and how the world is changing and how we can affect it as well.

"Over in Halifax it’s all about learning through play and for 30 years we’ve seen how successful that’s been. Over here, we really want to take that and put it up a bit so it’s more about playful learning. It’s just so fascinating to see children play and interact with things and not even realise they’re learning."

Though it's the same team behind The National Children's Museum in Halifax, you won't see the same exhibits. There is also a separate space just for younger visitors in The Burrow zone which is set to open in January 2023.