We ask the people of Liverpool: has the airport chaos put you off travelling abroad?

Are you going to take a chance of a flight or will you stay in the UK?

By now, I'm sure we've all seen some of the absolute chaos at some of the airports here in the UK and further afield.

While Liverpool Airport has been running smoothly, nearby Manchester Airport has been suffering daily delays.

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With huge queues, cancellations hitting some of our airports and travellers getting stuck abroad, we asked the people of Liverpool: will you be booking that holiday abroad, or are you proceeding with caution?

‘Simple answer, just don’t go’

Bernie talks to us about airport chaos

Bernie who used to work for an airline himself, said: "It's on the news all the time; you know the likely problems. Missed flights, loss of money, hotel accommodation, etcetera. Simple answer, just don't go."

‘It concerns me’

Bernie talks to us about airport chaos

Alex, who hopes to get away, though is still cautious of Covid, said: "It concerns me. I'm surprised. I'm really surprised at what is going on with it all."

‘I wouldn’t like to be in an airport’

Paul talks to us about airport chaos

Paul, who is choosing a holiday in the UK instead of abroad, said: "I wouldn't like to be in an airport. No way, it's not on the way they're treating those poor people who just want to get away for a break."