Ava White’s mother tells court ‘life dimmed forever’ as her daughter’s killer is sentenced

Leanne White tearfully detailed how she re-lives the death of her ‘beautiful girl’ every day.

The mother of murdered schoolgirl Ava White told Liverpool Crown Court that her “life has been dimmed forever” as her daughter’s killer was sentenced on Monday.

Ava, 12, died in hospital after being stabbed in the neck in Liverpool city centre on 25 November 2021 following a row over a Snapchat video.

A 15-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was today sentenced to life, and will serve a minimum of 13 years for the murder.

Ava White was killed by the 15-year-old boy after he stabbed her in Liverpool city centre in November 2021. (Credit: PA)

The teenager, who appeared via video link, put his head in his hands as Ava’s mother, Leanne, read her statement to the court.

She said: “The moment Ava died is now, yesterday, tomorrow and forever.

“It is the past, the present and the future. It was not just one finite horrific moment in time that happened last whenever, it is not just the moment, hour, and the second our lives became permanently divided into before and after.

“November last year the light of my life was dimmed forever. She was taken in such cruel and tragic circumstances.

“When I think back to that tragic day, I remember how excited she was for Christmas, how happy she was going into the town centre to watch the Christmas lights being switched on.

“Ava was given permission to stay out later than normal - 8.30pm - so she could go to town and then to visit the shops. Never could I imagined that I would never see my beautiful baby alive again.

“How I miss my beautiful girl. My heart is broken. I will never hear her laughter, I will never hold her in my arms. I still hear the laughter and can see the beautiful smiling face of my 12-year-old baby.

“That is all I have to hold on to, precious memories are all I have left of my Ava. I will never see her grow into an adult, marry or give birth to children.”

“All this horror was caused by an individual who insisted on recording Ava on his phone. She was 12 years old, a child.

“She had only gone to watch the lights being switched on for Christmas. How could we ever imagine this would lead to her death?

“Rest in peace my baby girl, you are loved.”