Award-winning Liverpool veggie burger joint to close its doors due to ‘insane rise in costs’

The business announced they’re sadly ‘beyond recovery.’

The cost of living crisis is affecting businesses across the UK, with many unable to afford to stay open.

Liverpool has already seen three much-loved vegetarian eatiers close in the last few months and sadly, Frost Burgers will be doing the same.

The burger joint, created by Monami Frost, was awarded, ‘Top Rated’ status by Happy Cow in 2020, offering fantastic vegetarian and vegan junk food.

Frost Burgers announce closure via Instagram.Frost Burgers announce closure via Instagram.
Frost Burgers announce closure via Instagram.

Opening its doors in 2018, Frost Burgers quickly became a leader of Liverpool’s vegetarian scene, offering a wide range of burgers and milkshakes.

Last month, the owners announced the closure of their Manchester branch and had hoped the Liverpool venue would be able to stay open.

Sharing the news

Announcing the closure on Instagram, Frost Burgers said: “We recently announced our Manchester location would be closing, after careful consideration of further revelations we’ve made the decision to close our Liverpool branch and say goodbye to Frost Burgers.

“We initially thought that despite the insane rise in costs, VAT etc, closing Manchester would help us to keep Frost Burgers alive; but unfortunately it became apparent very quickly that wouldn’t be the case.

“We’ve considered all options and no matter how we might try change things up sadly as a business we are beyond recovery and it would be irresponsible for us to attempt to ride it out any further.”

Community reaction

Frost Burgers’ announcement on Instagram received over 1,000 comments from locals.

One user said: “Devastating news” and another said: “Oh my god best burgers ever.”

Many users also highlighted that vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city seem to be massively affected by the cost of living crisis.

Saying goodbye

The burger joint closes its doors for the last time on September 11 and Monami encourages locals to visit the venue for ‘one last hurrah.’

They have been inundated with orders since announcing the closure so recommend visiting the venue rather than ordering online.