Watch: go inside Liverpool Cathedral’s huge new art exhibition Being Human - featuring two giant hands

Renowned artist and sculptor Peter Walker talks us through his latest installation at Liverpool Cathedral.

A sculpture, depicting two huge hands has been unveiled at Liverpool Cathedral as part of a new exhibition.

Being Human, which is on from now until August 30, explores what it means to be human and how we connect with others in a changing world, the free exhibition is the latest collaboration with artist Peter Walker.

Being Human giant hands

He is the artist and sculptor who brought installations such as ‘Space, The Universe and Everything’‘Peace Doves’ and ‘Angel Wings’ to Liverpool Cathedral.

Exploring what it means to be human and how we connect with others in a changing world, the exhibition is made up of four installations: Connection, Creativity, Identity and Reflection.

Artist and sculptor Peter Walker.

Speaking about his latest work, Walker said: “I always say art is made of three parts; there’s the artist, there’s the materials they use, and then you need someone to look at it. So, the great thing here is people appreciate it in the city; they’re going to get fantastic photographs, they’re going to engage with it in their own way.

“I’m not prescriptive about what the work is, so come and enjoy it, engage with it on your way and get from it what you will. That’s really important, the audience and the visitors really make the work and really make it come to life.”

Revd Canon Dr Neal Barnes

Revd Canon Dr Neal Barnes, Canon for Mission and Faith Development, said: “I’m not from around these parts, but I absolutely love Liverpool; I love the kind of sense of resilience and humour and vibrancy of the city.

I like to think that as a community, we come together to face these things and help each other through it and look out for those who are really struggling in all sorts of ways.

So, if we open the cathedral and that helps to build community in that respect, Being Human is about being connected as these great big hands remind us.”