News bulletin: Beacons of Light to illuminate waterfront for Queen’s Jubilee, police officer hospitalized

Police officer in hospital after drugs bust, council contract rules tightened after damning report, beacons light up Liverpool for Queen’s Jubilee.

👑 Seven beacons will light up Liverpool’s waterfront in tribute to the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.

Marking each decade of her sovereignty, the two-metre-high beacons will be lit against the backdrop of the Three Graces, on the evening of Thursday 2 June.

Members of the public are invited to the lighting-up, which will see activities start from 9.15pm.

🚨 A police officer is in hospital where he is receiving treatment for a serious shoulder injury following an incident in St Helens on Tuesday night.

The officer was dragged along the road by van during a drugs search. Two men have been arrested.

Merseyside Police HQ

📋 Liverpool Council is to tighten the rules around how it awards contracts after it was highlighted in the damning Caller Report.

When it meets next week, the local authority is to sign off on new proposals to "improve accuracy" on how it gives out terms of work to support the delivery of services across the city.