Pregnant woman and family saved from ‘sinking’ in sand on Crosby beach reunited with lifeguards

The family thanked the RNLI lifeguards and handed out Christmas gifts.

<p>Lynne and husband George meeting Siobhan Murphy and Andy Jordan, RNLI lifeguard supervisors. </p>

Lynne and husband George meeting Siobhan Murphy and Andy Jordan, RNLI lifeguard supervisors.

A Liverpool family saved by the RNLI in Crosby have returned to thank the lifeguards who pulled them to safety.

Lynne Burns and her husband George, their pregnant daughter, son-in-law and two-year-old grandson got stuck in the mud whilst out walking near Antony Gormley’s iron men statues.

Ms Burns said: “My pregnant daughter was the first to experience the sinking feeling of mud beneath her feet, I pulled her out only to then hit mud myself. She pulled me out. It became obvious that we were in danger. 

“Then we saw the RNLI truck that had been patrolling stop and point in our direction. An amazing lady, who I now know was Katie, calmly talked my husband, who was closest, to safety. She then came out through the mud to help us.

“She helped us remove footwear and physically supported us all across the dangerous mud. She was so calm and reassuring and enabled us all to return to safety. I cannot thank her enough and am so grateful that people such as her are on the lookout to keep us all safe. I will never forget her.”

‘Our Christmas this year could have looked very different’


The grandmother described returning to Crosby after the incident, which happened last summer, as “quite emotional”.

She added: “When I heard these amazing lifeguards are on duty 365 days a year and working Christmas day, it made me more determined to say thank you and offer them a small token of our appreciation.

“Our Christmas this year could have looked very different had they not been there for us. I’m so grateful to them and urge people to support theRNLI’s Christmas appeal to ensure they can keep up the amazing work they do.”

The family gave gifts to RNLI lifeguard Andy Jordan, who came to their aid along with RNLI lifeguard Katie McMillan who they were able to FaceTime in an ‘emotional call’.

Some of the 100 cast iron statues facing towards the sea. Photo: Eddie Jordan / Shutterstock

Mr Jordan said: “It really is quite rare for us to be reunited with those we rescue so we are incredibly grateful to Lynne for making the trip here and for her kind gift.


“We’re just pleased we were able to help and will be providing the same service this Christmas as we do 365 days a year at Crosby, which is the only RNLI beach which is lifeguarded all year, and does become particularly busy over Christmas with people enjoying walks and children enjoying their new toys.”

Risk of getting stuck or cut off by the tide

Mr Jordan said: “The main risk on Crosby beach is people out walking out to the statues and getting cut off by the tide or stuck in the mud, as Lynne and her family did. 

“A lot of the work we’ll do over the holiday period will be prevention – ensuring people are aware of the risks so they can enjoy the Christmas period safely with their families.

“We’d really encourage people to check the tide times and remain within 50m of the promenade when enjoying the beach and be aware of the risks, specially the mud. If you do find yourself in trouble, our advice is to keep as still as possible and call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

RNLI advice about what to do if you become stuck in the mud:


• Try to spread your weight as evenly as possible across the surface.

• Avoid moving and stay as calm as you can.

• Discourage other people from attempting to rescue you, since without the proper equipment they could become stuck too.

• If you have a mobile phone, call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. If you don’t, shout for help.