Female tiger instantly killed during breeding attempt at Knowsley Safari Park

Sadly, there was nothing vets could do to save her.

A ‘much loved’ 14-year-old female Amur Tiger died instantly during a breeding attempt at Knowsley Safari Park. Sinda had been at the safari park for 12 years and died on November 12, when she was bitten by her breeding partner, Miron.

Previously paired with eight-year-old Miron before, the attack has shocked staff members, who said Sinda will be ‘greatly missed.’

A spokeperson said: “Miron arrived at Knowsley Safari in 2020, he’d been mixed with Sinda successfully on several previous occasions. This introduction, like previous ones, was carefully managed by our expert animal team, taking into account each tiger’s behaviour and following the same rigorous procedures.”

“Before the mixing, normal positive character traits were seen with no signs of aggression. Due to the speed of the incident, there was unfortunately nothing that could be done to intervene and Sinda died instantly from her injuries.”

With only around 500 Amur Tigers remaining in the wild, Sinda and Miron were mixed as part of a European breeding programme. However, a spokesperson said that attacks during breeding ‘are not uncommon’ and often the reason is ‘unknown.’

They added: “Our focus is now on ensuring that both our team and Miron are cared for during this difficult time.”