Homes for Ukraine refugees scheme Liverpool: how to help, sponsor and host refugees fleeing Russia war to UK

The Government has confirmed there will be "no cap" on the number of refugees that can stay with UK host families and organisations under this new visa scheme.

People in Britain are to be asked by the Government to open their doors to Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing the country due to the current conflict.

Intense fighting broke out when Russian forces invaded neighbouring country Ukraine after weeks of growing tension.

Since then, the UN has estimated that around 2.5 million Ukrainians have fled the country, seeking peace and shelter from the fighting.

The images and footage emerging from Ukraine are harrowing, and has prompted many countries to offer their help in any way possible.

What is the Ukraine UK refugee scheme?

The new scheme, ‘Homes for Ukraine’ has been created to allow Ukrainians fleeing their country to seek immediate shelter in the UK.

It will allow Ukrainians to enter the country even if they have no family ties in the UK.

If people are successful after registering their interest in hosting a refugee, they will have to commit to a minimum of six months, but will be urged to offer a room for as long as they can.

In the first five hours, almost 45,000 people registered their interest.

Can I offer a room to a Ukrainian refugee in the UK?

Currently, there are no restrictions on who can register their interest in hosting a refugee.

People who do express an interest in opening their home to a fleeing refugee will undergo a vetting process, to ensure that they are not ‘exploiting’ the scheme, and their intentions are pure.

As well as this, the Home Office will also visit to make sure that the facilities a person has at their disposal is good enough to adequately support the person potentially being allowed into homes.

Liverpool vigil for Ukraine at St Luke’s Bombed Out ChurchLiverpool vigil for Ukraine at St Luke’s Bombed Out Church
Liverpool vigil for Ukraine at St Luke’s Bombed Out Church

How do I register for the scheme?

If you have a named person that you wish to sponsor, you must contact them and then fill out both theirs and your details on a visa application.

Visa applications are accessible from Friday, March 18.

A new website has been launched by the government, for those willing to open their house to a refugee. When on the website, read the information first about what is expected of you, including the facilities your house needs.

When you have done that, and are happy to proceed, click the ‘register your interest as an individual’ and continue from there.

An option for organisations is just below the individual link.

So that the scheme is accessible to anyone wishing to lend a hand, there will be a dedicated hotline, so people not au fait with completing the application process online, can still register.

Will I receive any financial support if I host a refugee?

All UK citizens that house a Ukrainian refugee will receive a monthly payment of £350, that is tax free.

Local authorities are entitled to receive a financial support package of £10,000 per refugee, with additional payments available to support refugee school children who are in the education system.

How long can refugees stay with a UK host family or individual?

If families host a refugee, they are committing to sharing their home for a minimum of six months.

However, families who are opening their homes to a refugee, will be urged to continue hosting them for as long as they can.

Sponsored Ukrainians will have the chance to stay in the UK for three years, and in that time, they will be able to work, have access to public services such as the NHS and claim benefits during this time.

Support people fleeing the devastating conflict in Ukraine: donate to the DEC appeal

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