How best to choose a place to dine out: Cost? Cleanliness? Child friendly?

You tell us what matters most when deciding on a place to eat.

We all like to go out for meal once in a while and there’s a huge variety of eateries to choose from across Merseyside.

So how do you go about about choosing one?

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You told us what matters most when considering where to dine and spend your hard-earned money.

‘Cleanliness and value for money’

David shares what’s important to him when eating out

David said: "Cleanliness for one and value for money. You know we go out to eat a lot on weekends, but in some of these places, it's just all processed you know, it's not freshly cooked."

‘I like a friendly atmosphere’

Angela shares what’s important to her when eating out

Angela said: "I like a friendly atmosphere, clean and somewhere you can take your young kids, and they don't moan about the noise they make and the mess."

‘Cleanliness and quality food’

Keith shares what’s important to him when eating out

Keith said: "Cleanliness and quality food - if it's around."