John Lennon inspired mosaic to feature in Strawberry Field’s new bandstand - first look pictures

The new feature is inspired by a mosaic in Central Park.

Exclusive new pictures show for the the newly-commissioned mosaic that will feature in the soon-to-be-opened bandstand at The Salvation Army’s Strawberry Field in Liverpool.

Previously a children’s home for vulnerable kids, Strawberry Field was immortalised by John Lennon in The Beatles’ hit, ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’.

As a tribute to John Lennon, the new mosaic is inspired by the ‘Imagine’ feature in Central Park’s Strawberry Fields in New York. It measures 6.4 metres in diameter - larger than its American cousin - and covers the entire floor of the bandstand, made up of 390,000 tiles.

Donated by Cliff Cooper, CEO of Orange Amplification, the mosaic will be a permanent fixture to the new bandstand, sending a message of peace and hope to those who visit the attraction.

Take a look at the new pictures.

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