How Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock would look if designed by Antoni Gaudi, Zaha Hadid or Renzo Piano

The Royal Albert Dock has been reimagined in the styles of famouse architects Antoni Gaudi, Zaha Hadid, and Renzo Piano .

An iconic landmark in Liverpool, the Royal Albert Dock was revolutionary when it opened in 1846, as it was the first structure in Britain to be built using cast iron, brick, and stone, with no structural wood. But how could it have looked if designed by someone else?

The team at Selco Builders Warehouse have used an AI art tool called Midjourney to reimagine the building in three different contemporary architectural styles inspired by Antoni Gaudi, Zaha Hadid, and Renzo Piano.

Gaudi, Hadid, and Piano have each designed countless famed buildings across the globe – among others, Gaudi designed the renowned Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Hadid the London Aquatics Centre used in the 2012 Olympics, and Piano is the architect behind the Shard in London. 

Here is how the Royal Albert Dock would look if designed by these brilliant architects:


If Gaudi had a hand in designing the Royal Albert Dock, it may have looked like this.


Dame Zaha Hadid was an Iraqi-born British architect known for her radical deconstructivist designs. Reimagining the dock in her distinct style using AI shows that the waterfront could have looked like this.


Renzo Piano is an Italian architect best known for his high-tech public spaces, with a keen interest in technology and modern solutions to architectural problems. Apply his design philosophy to the Royal Albert Dock and it would look like this.