Liverpool has two buildings in top ten ugliest list - what do Scousers think are the best and worst in city?

A new study has revealed two Liverpool buildings are considered very unattractive.

We're a city renowned for our historic architecture, featuring over 2,500 listed buildings with 27 of these Grade I. Liverpool is also the most filmed UK city outside of London, with movies and TV shows making use of the city as a backdrop, often doubling for the likes of New York. So, you might be shocked to hear that Liverpool is, unofficially, home to two of the UK's ugliest buildings.

Builders merchant, Buildworld, has curated a long list of buildings from around the world that are often said to be ugly and produced a top ten for the UK.

The first local structure to feature on the list comes in at number four and probably comes as no surprise, the Royal Hospital. It received 14.5% of tweets criticising its design. We assume that this refers to the '70s building and not its replacement.

At number ten on the list is the Shankly hotel, receiving 10.8% of critical responses relating to how it looks. Now, the building itself is beautiful, so we're assume the criticism comes from the addition to the rooftop terrace or the eclectic decor of the rooms inside.

We hit the street of Liverpool to see which buildings you think are the ugliest and most beautiful in the city. Watch the video above for more.