Liverpool Hooters boss on ‘alarming’ attack by woman who coughed in face her face and ‘was full of infection’

A 39-year-old woman was arrested after acting abusively towards staff.

The managing director of Hooters Liverpool says an abusive woman who was arrested after she ‘burst in’ to the city centre restaurant and coughed in her face claimed she was ‘full of infection’.

Rachel Moss called Merseyside Police just before 12.30pm on Thursday after the woman refused to leave.

The individual was arrested, however a spokesperson for Merseyside Police confirmed the woman, from Liverpool, has since been bailed. Mrs Moss has been speaking about the “alarming” experience.

She said: “The woman burst in and was being abusive towards the staff. We won’t tolerate that kind of behaviour.

“She coughed in my face and claimed she was full of infection. We’ve got it all on CCTV and will be sending it to the police.

“We asked her to leave but she jumped on a bar stool. The police responded so quickly and brilliantly.”

The Hooters venue has been the subject of much controversy since it was given a licence to trade earlier in 2022. It had attracted criticism from the Mayor of Liverpool Joanne Anderson and is currently embroiled in a row with Liverpool Council over rejected neon signage.

However, since opening two months ago, the venue has been a hit with locals, especially during the World Cup.

Mrs Moss was quick to dispel any concerns that the alleged actions by the individual arrested had been committed by a person visiting Hooters. She said: “Our customers are fabulous, well behaved and she wasn’t one of them.

“We don’t respond to that type of behaviour and she had been aggressive towards the police. It was alarming, nobody turns up to work and expects to deal with that.

“If people are going to act that way, being loudly verbally abusive to the staff, that’s how we will reply. She is not welcome here.”

A 39-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of common assault and a public order offence. She was taken to a Merseyside police station for questioning. There were no reports of any injuries.

In a statement, a Merseyside Police spokesperson said: “The 39-year-old woman from Liverpool has been bailed with conditions.”