📸 Liverpool retro: 14 fascinating photos capture 89 year history of the Mersey Tunnel

“At some point, we’ll have to do something about replacing them.”

Opened in July 1934, the Queensway Tunnel, or Mersey Tunnel, is closing in on its 90th birthday and Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, Steve Rotheram, has suggested it may soon be time to replace it - and the newer Kingsway Tunnel.

Mr Rotheram’s comments came as he spoke about the increasing maintenance costs of the Queensway Tunnel and the Kingsway Tunnel (opened in 1971) as the decision was made in January to increase the price of some tolls for the tunnels to help boost revenue by around £3 million.

On the price hikes for drivers, the Metro Mayor said: “Despite what people say on social media, tunnels do not make profit. It is reinvested. They haven’t been paid off, they won’t be paid off until 2048. The revenues generated go into a pot to support our ferries, our buses and concessionary travel – which is one of the most generous services in the country.

“At 89 and 52 years old respectively, the tunnels are getting older and require more maintenance. At some point, we’ll have to do something about replacing them.”

In light of that revelation, LiverpoolWorld has taken a look back at the long history of the Queensway Tunnel via some stirring retro pictures.

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