Liverpool social enterprise expands overseas operation to empower more women globally

The Women’s Organisation has been working to empower women since before the turn of the century.

The Women’s Organisation, an award-winning social enterprise founded and headquartered in Liverpool, has announced it will be expanding its overseas operation on the eve of International Women’s Day.

A total of 12 new jobs will be created as the organisation seeks to broaden its global mission to empower women to set up their own businesses and further its mission for equality.

The new positions mark the next stage of the expansion of the Women’s Organisation, after a strong performance in 2021 allowed the enterprise to begin delivering its services - which include support for start-up businesses and advice on career development -  in China, Iceland and the Middle East.

Services will soon also be taken to the US, South Africa and Northern Europe.

Deputy CEO, Helen Milne and CEO, Maggie O’Carroll of The Women’s Organisation

The organisation will also be expanding its support of women across the Liverpool City Region.

The chief executive of the Women’s Organisation, Maggie O’Carroll said: “While COVID and Brexit has been hugely challenging for so many businesses, delivering to international markets has helped cushion the negative impact for the organisation and has helped to ensure surpluses are available to reinvest locally.

“We have always been international in our outlook and are very pleased with the success of our internationalisation strategy, but we feel confident that the time is right to scale that up.

“During the past 25 years we have experienced steady growth, which has accelerated significantly during the last few years. 

“We are delighted that our range of research, training, and consultancy services are being so well received by our customers.

“We continue to deliver a diverse portfolio of services locally supporting over 3,500 women a year in the Liverpool city region.

“Our expansion plans take us closer to our goal to be financially sustainable and demonstrate social impact by supporting as many people as we can to be economically active in our city region.”

International Women’s Day is on Tuesday March 8 this year.