Liverpool station cat ‘Paul Newman’ dies after years of bringing joy to local commuters

The cat ‘Paul Newman’ has died after bringing joy to commuters at Liverpool South Parkway Station for over a decade.

Paul Newman, a bengal cat who became ‘the face of Liverpool South Parkway Station’ after he started showing up there 13 years ago, has died. His death was confirmed by a Facebook group run in his name.

The cat brought joy to thousands of commuters as he started visiting the Liverpool station from his nearby home. Paul would lounge around the train station’s platforms, greeting travellers and becoming close friends with the staff working there.

The Facebook group run in his name posted: “It is with a heavy heart I must announce that Paul the cat has journeyed over Rainbow Bridge. I know you will all miss him just as I will.

“My heart goes out to Steff, his owner and all of his colleagues at South Parkway who will miss him.”

Newman, named after the famous American actor, made headlines a few times during his 13 years at the station. In 2013, he bit a security guard, leading to staff ‘urging him to stay away’, although he was never banned from the station and kept visiting for the next decade.

In April last year, he made the news again after having been spotted on the roof on platform four, causing the staff concern before he came down for a drink of water. Despite a few offences, the cat was a welcomed addition to the train station, and tributes to the feline have been pouring in on social media.

Daniel James Findlay-Belfield said: "I will never forget how he helped me get through a very dark time in my life a few years ago. The happiness he gave to so many people, including myself, will never be forgotten. He was a Legend and I will miss him so much.”

Gemma Leigh said: "RIP Paul. You made my 6am commutes to work great whenever I saw you. Sending lots of hugs to Paul’s family. I know what it’s like losing a cat."

Janet Cooper said: "So sad. Paul brought joy to so many people. Thinking of him and his loved ones."