Liverpool to be hit by ‘thunder fever’ as ex-tropical storm Alex reaches UK

Liverpool looks set to miss the worst of the bad weather but hay fever sufferers will face 'thunder fever' misery.

The remnants of former tropical storm Alex will sweep into the UK on Thursday night bringing heavy rain and gales of up to 55mph to parts of the country.

Liverpool looks set to miss the worst of the weather, with the Met Office currently forecasting sunny spells, light showers and wind speeds that peak at around 29 mph over the weekend.

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However, Merseyside will still feel the effects of the storm front racing across the Atlantic from Florida as the region is hit by a phenomenon called ‘thunder fever’.

The tropical warm air brought by storm Alex will whip up a spike in pollen which could cause those with allergies and hay fever particular issues.

Thunder fever could cause particular issues for hay fever sufferers. Image: ShutterDivision -

The Met Office have issued ‘very high’ pollen count warnings for Thursday and Friday in Merseyside.

What is thunder fever?

Research indicates humid weather breaks pollen grains into smaller allergenic particles, which then turn into super pollen. These particles are then brought down to ground level by storms, such as Alex, creating pollen spikes.

Airbourne allergens expert Max Wiseberg explains: “Very high pollen counts are predicted across many parts of England from Thursday onwards causing havoc for the millions of hay-fever sufferers. Predicted thunderstorms won’t give respite, as instead they can cause a phenomenon known as ‘thunder fever.”

Wiseberg told the Daily Mail: “Storms bring pollen grains down which might have otherwise risen above head height out of harm’s way and whip up pollen grains and fungal spores near the ground.”

At the time of writing, the Met Office have very high pollen counts in place for Thursday and Friday, with Saturday, Sunday and Monday returning to high.

What has the Met Office said about storm Alex?

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Adam Thornhill said: “By the time Ex-Tropical Storm Alex gets near UK shores, it will have transitioned into a mature Atlantic low.

“Although it will have lost much of its strength, it will bring some unseasonably strong winds across the UK – especially to the northwest on Thursday and Friday.

“The track of the former storm currently looks to be grazing the far northwest of the UK on Thursday and Friday and, although the details are still being worked out, winds could be around 45mph for most in the north of the UK, with a chance of some gusts in excess of 55mph in some exposed northwestern island and coastal areas.”

Storm Alex will bring gusts of up to 55mph to the UK in June 2022.

How long will Storm Alex last?

Weather experts are still working out the exact duration of Storm Alex, but it is expected that the impact of the storm will still be felt this weekend (June 11 and 12).

The weather through the weekend looks likely to be a mix of sunshine and showers, although that will depend on the positioning of Storm Alex late on Friday, 10 June.

The rain may be heaviest in the north west, and some breezy conditions are likely to persist in the far north.

Is there a weather warning in place for Storm Alex?

At the time of writing, the Met Office had not issued a weather warning due to Storm Alex.