People of Liverpool don’t hold back when asked: what do you think of Boris Johnson?

The people of Liverpool can’t help but get personal when it comes to the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson is set to publicly announce his resignation as Prime Minister on Thursday.

He will quit as leader of the Conservative Party after being hit with a string of resignations from ministers and MPs.

More than 50 MPs resigned from the government or party roles since Tuesday evening (5 July), with the mass exodus being triggered by the resignations of Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid from the Cabinet.

Mr Johnson had sought to defy his critics and remain in office, despite warning from Cabinet colleagues that this was not sustainable.

But the resignations continued and made clear his position as Prime Minister was untenable.

His resignation has been a long time coming, according to the people of Liverpool.

We have been on the streets of the city to gauge your opinion throughtout the series of scandals that has plagued the PM this year to get your opinions.

Here’s what you had to say over the last few months, before his resignation was announced. Watch the videos above and below for the full reaction.

‘Don’t start me on him’

Margaret tells us what she thinks about Boris Johnson

Margaret says: “Well, don’t start me on him. He looks like a comic strip, doesn’t he?”

‘I think he should go’

Jenny tells us what she thinks about Boris Johnson

Jenny says: "I sent two letters to Boris Johnson to do with the homeless and I didn’t get a response. I think he should go, but whether he will, who knows!"

‘He needs to sort out his brain because it’s just mush’

Mo tells us what he thinks about Boris Johnson

Mo says: "He needs to go. He needs to get a better haircut and sort out his brain because it’s just mush.”

‘Get rid of him’

Bernie said: “Well, he’s basically proven to be a liar. If he’s so good at making parties, why not form his own? Get rid of him.’

‘He’s a pompous twit’

Paul tells us what he thinks of Boris Johnson

Paul said: “He’s a pompous twit. He’s just a joke.”