News bulletin: Labour lose seats in local elections, Doctor Who coming to the city

WATCH: your latest news update for Liverpool and Merseyside.

📳 Wirral's Labour group lost seats on a tough night of local elections, leaving the council in an even more precarious position.

Labour is still set to lead the council but now has just 26 of Wirral's 66 council seats. The party lost two seats to the Greens and one to the Tories.

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📳 Liverpool Cathedral has decided to remove the netting from the front entrance of the building amid concerns it may impact a pair of peregrine falcons which have been nesting at the site for years.

The mesh was put up to protect the Grade I listed building from damage by bird and bat excrement.

📳 The blockbuster exhibition Doctor Who Worlds of Wonder, coming to the World Museum from 27 May, will include contributions from stars across the fields of science and entertainment.

Mark Gatiss will narrate the exhibition, and Zoë Wanamaker is lending her voice to an exhibit all about her iconic character Lady Cassandra O'Brien.