Merseyside company launches world’s first toilet in metaverse - the Meta Loo

The online bathroom is set to revolutionise the virtual world.
The Meta LooThe Meta Loo
The Meta Loo

A Merseyside bathroom retailer is launching the world’s first toilet in the metaverse this April to give its users the ultimate bathroom experience.

Nicknamed the ‘Meta Loo’, this digital bathroom will be accessible from April 1.

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Bid farewell to questionable smells, other people taking too long in the cubicles, awkward looks in a queue, and those bad hair days because in the virtual world, everything is possible.

The space has been designed to include a vanity mirror for freshening up those looks, a sink to keep on top of your sanitation situation and space to have a much-needed catch-up with a friend.

Victorian Plumbing will be the first-ever company to break into the virtual world of plumbing. If you’ve ever had to experience the lack of bathroom spaces available while you’re navigating the metaverse; you will find the unique ‘Meta Loo’ a real positive.

No longer will you miss out on valuable virtual time by constant bathroom breaks now that both you and your virtual selves can opt for the Meta Loo.

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Joe Pascoe, Chief Marketing Officer at Victorian Plumbing, said: ‘At Victorian Plumbing, when it comes to bathrooms, we’re serious. No matter how big or small, virtual or not, our mission is to elevate any bathroom experience.

We’re proud to be launching the world’s first loo in the metaverse and continue to expand our product range beyond the physical.’

**This Meta Loo article, was, of course, an April Fool’s Day prank.

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