New Liverpool Hooters venue told to remove signs by council - when it opened and what has been said

The venue opened on Monday.

Hooters is facing critcism for displaying signage previously rejected by the council.

The popular American food chain opened its second UK branch in Liverpool yesterday (November 21) in New Zealand House.

Based on conservation area, Water Street, Hooters had sought permission to display large illuminated signs and banners but were told not to do so by the council. However, despite rejection by the local authority, large orange ‘Hooters’ signs can be seen outside the venue.

Councillor Nick Small, who has opposed Hooters’ plans from the get go, shared an image of the signage on Twitter, tagging Liverpool City Council.

The city council have said an application for the signs was rejected last month due to the venue being in a conservation area.

According to the BBC, a spokesman for the council said it had written to Hooters requesting its removal but as an appeal was under way it could not take enforcement action.

Hooters has been contacted for comment.

Rejected signage

In October, plans to display two illuminated signs, a fixed banner and a new orange and white flag were rejected. Members of the public described the proposed signs and flags as ‘garish’ and ‘incongruous.’

In a Liverpool Council report they stated reasons for refusal as: “By virtue of size, design and siting, the proposed illuminated vertical signs, banner sign and flag would fail to preserve the character and appearance of the application building and Castle Street Conservation Area and the setting of the adjacent listed buildings.”

Councillor Nick Small said: “The proposed signage, banner, flag and canopy and its bright, gaudy orange colours are not within keeping of the character of the Castel Street Conservation Area and would detract from and undermine the unique heritage of the area.”