NSandI Premium Bonds March draw: What are the winning bond numbers in Liverpool?

The NSandl Premium Bonds March winners in Liverpool have been announced - check if you’ve won.

The Premium Bond winners for March 2023 have been revealed by National Savings and Investments (NS&I) and Liverpool residents are among the winners. The city missed out on the £1m jackpot this month, which was scooped by two people living in Nottinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

In total, the Liverpool area has accounted for 19 winners living in and around the city. Find out if you won one of the March Premium Bonds and what you need to do to claim your prize here.

What is a Premium Bond and how do I enter the prize draw?

Premium Bonds are an NS&I-issued investment product that offer the possibility to earn interest or a regular dividend income. The bonds are acquired through the organisation and are then entered into a monthly prize draw which gives a chance of winning between £25 and £1 million tax free.

To participate, you must spend a minimum of £25, and you can continue to purchase Premium Bonds until you reach the £50,000 maximum holding amount. For every £1 you spend, you will obtain a unique bond number; therefore, if you pay the minimum charge of £25, you will receive 25 unique numbers with the opportunity to win a prize.

To acquire Premium Bonds, visit the NS&I website.

Who were the big Premium Bonds UK winners in March?

In March 2023, two winners receiving the grand prize of £1 million were from different parts of the UK. The first bond, purchased in October 2020 by a Nottinghamshire resident, carried the number

417YB876187. The second jackpot winner for this month was an Oxfordshire resident who has held the bond since January 2018 and won with number 319WC638508.

What were the winning numbers for Liverpool in March 2023?

There are a total of 19 lucky individuals from in and around the Liverpool area. These are the winning Liverpool bond numbers:

  1. 268RT368869 (purchased March 2016) - £50,000
  2. 268RT368869 (purchased May 2022) - £50,000
  3. 218KT025942 (purchased March 2014) - £50,000
  4. 424PQ108411 (purchased November 2020) - £25,000
  5. 359WT635586 (purchased May 2019) - £10,000
  6. 188YS304222 (purchased January 2012) - £10,000
  7. 458MX543460 (purchased June 2021) - £10,000
  8. 442JL028131 (purchased March 2021) - £10,000
  9. 395SY868947 (purchased May 2020) - £5,000
  10. 445NF296236 (purchased March 2021) - £5,000
  11. 410ZH793434 (purchased August 2020) - £5,000
  12. 444LC265150 (purchased March 2021) - £5,000
  13. 364KQ973893 (purchased July 2019) - £5,000
  14. 58VC176974 (purchased June 2020) - £5,000
  15. 334RZ880208 (purchased July 2018)  £5,000
  16. 269KK759342 (purchased March 2016) - £5,000
  17. 249JV543299 (purchased June 2015) - £5,000
  18. 448YS009800 (purchased August 2020) - £5,000
  19. 513WT508641 (purchased September 2022) - £5,000

The full list of winners can be found on NS&I website.