People of Liverpool urged to join ‘enough is enough’ protest this Saturday

Saturday is the campaign’s National Day of Action, as well as the deadline for Don’t Pay UK pledges.

Enough is Enough is a campaign, aiming to tackle the cost of living crisis.

Founded by trade unions and communityorganisations, the campaign uses protests and rallies to raise awarness of the ongoing crisis and gain media attention.

On October 1, Enough is Enough are holding a National Day of Action, with rallies and protests taking place across the United Kingdom.

It is also the day the new energy price cap comes into force, and the deadline to pledge to refuse payment of energy bills, alongside Don’t Pay UK.

Merseyside residents face the highest energy price cap, alongside North Wales, and areas such as Knowlsey and Toxteth also face some of the highest levels of poverty in the whole country.

The last Enough is Enough rally in Liverpool last month, had an extremely high turn out and featured speakers such as Mick Lynch and Eddie Dempsey.

Saturday’s rally comes a week after the government announced tax cuts for the highest earners, alongside other economic measures, which have seen the mass market turmoil, including a drop in the value of the pound and increased interest rates.

The mini-budget announcement caused outrage across Merseyside, with many fearing it benefits the rich and disregards the poor.