Police, divers and drones search West Derby for guns used in Olivia Pratt-Korbel murder

Merseyside Police are conducting an extensive search at West Derby Golf Club today as they hunt for the guns used in the murder of Olivia Pratt-Korbel at her Dovecot home.

Olivia was fatally shot in the chest when a gunman chased another man into her house on Kingsheath Avenue, on August 22, and opened fire.

Olivia Pratt-Korbel

Intended target Joseph Nee had burst into the house through the front door to escape the shooter.

Detectives say they have now recieved information that evidence may have been discarded in the West Derby area.

Specially trained search officers from the Matrix disruption team will carry out an extensive search in around the golf course, with the assistance of an underwater search team and a specialist drone unit.

The search will take place in the area bounded by Grenadier Drive, along Aspes Road and down to Yew Tree Road, including the brook which runs through the area.

West Derby Golf Club on Yew Tree Road, Aspes Road runs up the right-hand side of the image. Image: Google Earth

Detective Chief Superintendent Mark Kameen, said: “Three weeks on and our investigation continues in our relentless pursuit of the man responsible for Olivia’s murder and those who are shielding him.

“I promised that we would leave no stone unturned in our hunt for the offender and the guns used on that night, and today following information we are carrying out an extensive land search at West Derby Golf Club in our hunt for those weapons.

“My message to the offender is clear – we will not stop until we have the evidence to put you before the courts and behind bars.

DCS Mark Kameen and Chief Constable Serena Kennedy from Merseyside Police speak to the media at force headquarters in Rose Hill

“Olivia’s family are absolutely broken by her tragic loss, which has robbed a beautiful young child of the life and future she should have been looking forward to. Olivia wanted to be a teacher, or a vet and her family have described her as someone who liked to laugh and make others laugh. She was an innocent young child in her own home, who should have been safe.

“Since Olivia’s murder the investigation team has been working around the clock. We have made nine arrests and we are building up an evidential picture, but we still need more information and we need to find the guns.”

The men from West Derby area were arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender Thursday and Friday last week in connection with Olivia’s murder. Two have been released on police bail pending further inquries.

Nine people have now been arrested during the course of the murder investigation.

Mother of Olivia makes emotional appeal

Cheryl Korbel, the mother of Olivia Pratt-Korbel, has made an emotional video appeal urging whoever was responsible for her daughter’s death to ‘own up’.

On Tuesday, the mother of Olivia called on those responsible for her daughter’s murder to ‘own up’ in an emotional video appeal.

Ms Korbel also paid tribute to her “little shadow”.

She appeared in the video appeal wearing a cast on her wrist where she had been shot and said she hoped whoever was responsible for the killing would come forward.

Ms Korbel said: “You know you’ve done wrong, so you need to own up. Like I taught my kids, you do something wrong, you own up to it.

“If anyone is hiding these guns they need to speak up because they need to be off the streets. No one, no one at all should have to go through this.”

Ms Korbel broke down in tears as she described how her daughter would never stop talking and said: “That’s what I miss the most, because I can’t hear her talk.”

Olivia’s father, John Francis Pratt, also paid tribute to his daughter and called for anyone with information on her death to come forward.

Cheryl Korbel paid tribute to her “little shadow” and urged the killer to come forward. Image: Merseyside Police