Local MP report cards: How Liverpool MPs voted on the major issues in 2021

We broke down how our local MPs voted in some of the most serious matters this year…

Over the years the country has faced many problems, and many decisions have been made in regards to issues such as public funds and the environment.

It’s important to know how our MPs vote, and whether the voice they are portraying within parliament aligns with our own.

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We need to know we can trust they are making the decisions that most reflect the values we hold close.

There have been votes on whether to continue free school meals for children, whether MPs should be allowed to have second jobs, and whether to keep the universal credit uplift for low paid workers.

These votes have been incredibly divisive, and been highly publicised, resulting in some u-turns on decisions made by the Government.

Recently, MPs have been posting ‘report cards’ on their social media pages.

It’s a graphic that displays how the member of parliament voted on the serious issues passing through the house of commons. Not all MPs have posted theor are they obliged to, however, the information is public and it’s important for you to know.

Read on to find out how each local MP in the areas surrounding Liverpool voted on the key issues this year…

Kim Johnson, Labour (Liverpool, Riverside)

Paula Barker, Labour (Liverpool, Wavertree) L13 1FB

Dan Carden, Labour (Liverpool, Walton)

Ian Byrn, Labour (Liverpool, West Derby)

Maria Eagle, Labour (Liverpool, Garston and Halewood)