Popular Liverpool venue, Camp and Furnace, will not be showing the World Cup - Qatar’s stance on LGBTQ+ relationships

‘We cannot in good conscience promote the event”

Pubs and bars across the UK are refusing to show World Cup matches, in protest of Qatar’s human rights record and view on LGBTQ+ communities.

Kicking off this coming Sunday, the World Cup has been surrounded by controversy ever since Qatar were named as hosts 12 years ago.

In 2013, along with a number of other Gulf States, Qatar proposed the introduction of tests to prevent LGBT individuals from entering the country. Same-sex relationships are illegal in Qatar, with those found ‘guilty’ able to be sentenced to up to seven years in prison. Under Sharia law, men participating in same-sex relationships can also be sentenced to death by stoning.

Because of this, many venues will not be showing World Cup matches and a Liverpool venue has joined the protest.

Camp and Furnace

Popular Baltic Triangle venue, Camp and Furnace announced on Wednesday that they will be not be showing any World Cup matches. In a statement, a spokesperson for the venue said: “After careful consideration and discussion, Camp and Furance have decided not to screen any of the upcoming World Cup matches.

“Our top priority is always the comfort, safety and well-being of our customers, from any and all communities. Taking into account the ongoing LGBTQIA+ and human rights issues surrounding the World Cup this year, we cannot in good conscience promote the event, as this contradicts our values as a venue and team.”

The venue shared the statement on Twitter and received praise for their decision.

The Liverpool Arms and The Commerical Hotel and Bar, both in Chester, have also announced their decisions not to screen any World Cup matches in light of Qatar’s views on LGBTQ+ communities.