‘I just don’t really get the Beatles’: what Capital FM host Ronan Kemp said about the fab four

The Capital FM presenter may have upset some Beatles fans.

A popular radio host has made a controversial statement about Liverpool’s most famous rock band.

Ronan Kemp was asked which song he pretends to hate but secretly likes. In the interview with the Guardian, he answered: “John Lennon’s Imagine.”

The Capital FM presenter then went on to say: “The Beatles, I just don’t really get it. Yes, I know this is the Guardian but I want to be honest. However, that is a phenomenal song. I would put Hey Jude in the same category.”

Ronan also said his go to karaoke song is ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by Tom Jones and that he can’t stand, ‘Starman’ by David Bowie.

This leaves us with two questions, why would anyone pretend to hate ‘Imagine’ and what’s not to get about The Beatles?