‘Sadly the measures won’t be enough’ - Liverpool charity responds to business energy price cut

The new scheme starts next month and is expected to cut predicted energy costs in half.

On Wednesday, Liz Truss’s government announced a plan which will see energy prices for non-domestic customers, such as businesses, charities and public sector organisations cut from October 1.

The Energy Bill Relief Scheme will see wholesale energy prices capped for six months, aiming to protect local businesses from the rising cost of energy.

The discount is calculated based on wholesale costs of energy this winter and is less than half of the costs previously predicted.

The government-supported price is £211 per MWh for electricity and £75 per MWh for gas.

Despite the discount, local businesses and charities are still concerned about the future, with the short-term scheme leaving them unable to plan long-term costs.

‘It won’t be enough’ - business reaction

Paper Cup Coffee is a not-for-profit coffee shop, raising money for Liverpool’s rough sleepers and providing homeless people with hospitality work experience.

Ran by Paper Cup Project, the coffee shop opened in February in Queen’s Square offering support, food and drink to those affected by homelessness.

Image: Paper Cup Coffee

Paper Cup Coffee will be increasing their prices to cover the losses they’re facing due to the cost of living crisis.

Michelle Langan, CEO of Paper Cup Project, told LiverpoolWorld: “We have really noticed our costs going up, which has affected us massively as our margins are already tight.

“We will be increasing our prices in a couple of weeks to reflect this, but we are mindful to keep things at good value for our customers.

“Sadly, the measures the government have suggested won’t be enough to prevent some businesses from closing. Small independents in particular are going to find the next few months a real struggle.”

Response to the Energy Bill Relief Scheme

Liverpool Mayor, Joanne Anderson, was also disappointed by the new scheme, writing: “The Government’s recent announcements on energy support for households and businesses do not go far enough to tackle the cost of living crisis we are facing.”

At a meeting last night, Liverpool Council agreed the Mayor’s motion calling the Government to take further action to tackle the crisis.