The RedBall Project bounces into Liverpool - where to see the street art work as it moves around the city

One of the world’s longest running street art works has arrived in Liverpool and will be popping up in some unexpected locations around the city.

One of the world's longest-running street art works is bouncing into Liverpool.

The RedBall Project – already showcased in global locations such as Sydney, Paris and Tokyo – will take over the city from Friday July 15 to Sunday July 24.

Across ten days, the 15ft diameter RedBall Liverpool will appear in different areas around the city – some will be tourist hotspots, others more local or undiscovered locations meeting the audience on their own streets.

The American artist behind the project Kurt Perschke said: “The audience for the project is always a mix of people who know the piece is coming, people just turning a corner and discovering it for the first time, and every city’s culture is actually reflected in the piece. So, one of the things I’m interested in is seeing how the audience reaction will be here in Liverpool.”

New perspective on your own city

Perschke believes the simplicity of the work is what makes it so impactful – giving audiences a moment of joy but also encouraging them to think differently about the places around them and view with fresh eyes places they may walk past or through every day.

The American artist behind the RedBall Project, Kurt Perschke.

“The tactility of the piece, the humour, the sense of play; these are all about what the piece is using it as a way to play with the city,” he said. “For me what the piece is about is when you’re looking at your own city when you’re walking through it, what does it mean to see it new, and how do you play with your own city?”

Areas the artwork will be visiting

Each day the exact new location, including some surprises, will be announced on and on @RedballProject social media channels.

It will only be at each location for a short time before bouncing on to the next one.

Friday 15 July – Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

Saturday 16 July – Pier Head

Sunday 17 July – St George’s Hall

Monday 18 July – Chinatown

Tuesday 19 July – Dale Street

Wednesday 20 July – Windsor Street, Toxteth

Thursday 21 July – Lord Street

Friday 22 July – Baltic Triangle

Saturday 23 July – Everton Brow

Sunday 24 July – Liverpool ONE

A member of the public can’t resist touching the RedBall.

As well as the main event, several engagement projects linked to the RedBall performance will be taking place in and around Everton Park and Toxteth.

This artwork has been brought to the city thanks to a partnership between Culture Liverpool, Arts Council England and Global Streets.