Valentines Day 2023: Liverpool named one of the UK cities with the unhappiest couples

New study reveals the cities with the most searches for ‘how to break up with someone.’

Relationships aren’t always a walk in the park and they can take a lot of work, particularly amid the pressures of Valentine’s Day.

Feeling unhappy in a relationship is common and sometimes people can struggle to know how to end a relationship that isn’t working - and couples in certain cities are more unhappy than others.

Getir conducted a study to reveal where in the UK is home to the happiest and unhappiest couples. Analysing the average monthly search volumes for ‘how to break up with someone’in 15 major UK cities, the study reveals which regions are searching the most for help to get out of their relationships.

Liverpool ranked third with an average of 236 monthly break up searches per 100,000 people in its population, just behind Bristol which came in second with an average of 256.

Coming in as the city with the unhappiest couples is Nottingham - with an average of 272 people searching every month for ‘how to break up with someone’ per 100,000 of its population.

With their monthly break-up search volume being nearly 5x bigger than the likes of London per 100,000, it appears to be Nottingham where you are most likely to get dumped.

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s London that comes in as the city with the happiest couples. Despite its massive population of nearly 9 million, an average of only 57 people search for ‘how to break up with someone’ per 100,000.