We ask the people of Liverpool: Should the council be charging for bin collections?

We hit the streets to find out what you thought about the city’s plan to charge for a basic service.

Liverpool City Council is set to introduce a garden waste collection charge of £40 per year.

The local authority says this is in a bid to manage their budget as they need to find £24.5 million of savings next year.

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Rather than cutting frontline services, they're introducing additional charges for some things to offset the impact.

But what do you think about charging for a basic service?

‘I think it’s extortionate’

Dave tells us what he thinks of the green bin charge

Dave says: “I think it’s extortionate we already pay a fortune for council tax; shouldn’t that be included in it?”

‘I'm not happy about it’

Caroline tells us what she thinks of the green bin charge

Caroline says: "Well, I'm not happy about it because I've got elderly grandparents, and I worry about them having that charge. Obviously, a lot of people have had COVID and things like that which has affected things."

‘I think it's all wrong’

Alan tells us what he thinks of the green bin charge

Alan says: "I think it's all wrong. I disagree with it."