Liverpool weather: the heatwave is over but it’s staying warm in Merseyside

WATCH: Your latest weather update for Liverpool and Merseyside.

As we move into the weekend, it's looking partly cloudy for the region apart from Chester where it remains sunny. There's a chance of showers. Temperatures reaching highs of 17°C.

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At the latter part of the weekend, light patchy rain is expected across the region with a 38% chance of showers over Southport. Lots of cloud around too. Highs of 18°C

And looking at the five day forecast now and after some patchy rain over the weekend, alongside lots of cloud, as we move into next week it should start to dry up with plenty of sunshine on Monday and Tuesday.

Not quite as hot as it has been but it's certainly not feeling chilly with temperature still hitting the high teens. By Wednesday we could see some patchy rain, reaching highs of 18°C.