Merseyside and Liverpool weather: Met Office forecast warm and sunny start to the weekend

Your latest weather update for Liverpool and Merseyside - enjoy the sunshine on Friday and Saturday.

Towards the end of the week, things are looking up as it's dry and sunny across the region with the exception of Southport, where we could see some showers. Reaching highs of 19°C.

For FA Cup final day, the sun is shining down on Liverpool - could be a good omen, perhaps? It's really warming up too across the region, it's climbing up to a balmy 20°C.

And looking at the five day forecast now and after a sunny spell over the weekend, those cloudy skies are set to return.

There is a chance we could see some showers across the region. After a dip at the end of of the weekend, it's really starting to heat up for us. By Tuesday it's looking partly cloudy with highs of 23°C.