Merseyside and Liverpool weather: Overcast with patchy showers as temperatures drop

WATCH: Your latest weather update for Liverpool and Merseyside.

It's a partly cloudy start to the week across the region apart from in Liverpool where there'll be some sunny spells. It looks like there'll be some patchy rain. Reaching highs of 16°C.

As we move towards the middle of the week, lots of cloud around and with that we'll be experiencing some light rain. There's a 74% chance of showers over Southport. Highs of 17°C.

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And looking at the five day forecast now, and we're still seeing a lot of cloud around this week. With that there's patchy showers throughout the week.

Feeling slightly cooler this week than it has been.

It should clear up into the weekend. By Saturday it's dry, though, it's remaining cloudy with temperatures reaching highs of 15°C.