Liverpool weather: temperatures soar in midweek sun, but thunderstorms forecast by Met Office

Temperatures hit 29°C in Merseyside but there is a chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms by Thursday evening.

As we move towards the middle of the week, and the sun is certainly shining down on Liverpool this week with temperatures reaching highs of 27°C in some parts of Merseyside.

Thursday is another generally dry and sunny day across the region but the Met Office forecast a heavy rain or thunderstorms by the evening. Very warm and feeling locally hot inland. Maximum temperature 28°C.

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Looking at the latter part of the working week now, it's looking partly cloudy across the region apart from in Southport where it remains sunny. Could see a spot of rain. Highs of 29°C.

And looking at the five day forecast now, as the week goes on though it will remain fairly warm for us, we could see more cloud cover than we have been experiencing these past few days.

However as we move into the weekend we could be seeing some heavy showers. By Sunday, it's looking partly cloudy though it should stay dry, highs of 18°C.