Merseyside weather update Friday, 11 March, plus five-day forecast: Cloudy but warming up

WATCH: Your latest weather update for Liverpool and Merseyside.

Towards the end of the week, there's patchy showers forecast with lots of clouds around, an overcast picture for the region. Temperatures hitting highs of 12°C.

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As we move into the weekend, there is a chance ofrain but it's a sunny picture for the most part, though it remains cloudy in Liverpool and Southport. Highs of 11°C.

And looking at the five day forecast now and it's a cloudy picture for us here in the region, a chance we could see some showers over the weekend, more likely on Sunday.

As we go into next week it looks like it could dry up. By Tuesday it's looking partly cloudy, temperatures getting warmer, feeling more like spring with highs of 13°C.