Met Office predicts more unseasonably sunny weather for Merseyside

WATCH: Your latest weather update for Liverpool and Merseyside.

Merseyside enjoyed the hottest day of the year on Tuesday as temperatures reached 17°C and today is predicted to match those highs.

The sunny spells are set to continue until Monday, when the skies are due to cloud over and temperatures drop back down to 12°C.

But as we move towards the middle of the week, it's staying sunny though we could see showers with the exception of Chester where it's set to stay dry. Highs of 16°C.

Looking at the latter part of the working week now, it's a cloudy picture for Southport and St Helens, sunny elsewhere. Overcast, albeit dry, for the region. Temperatures hitting 18 °C

And looking at the five day forecast now, and it looks like it'll be staying dry and sunny for the most part though there could be some clouds around at times and the chance of the odd shower.

It is really heating up this week - definitely not big coat weather.

By Sunday, well it's looking partly cloudy but dry with highs of 15 °C.