Where can I get fuel in Liverpool today? Petrol stations near me that have unleaded and diesel amid UK shortage

There is still a lack of petrol and diesel on some forecourts around the city but LiverpoolWorld can confirm some garages still have fuel in stock or are getting some.

<p>Motorists have rushed to fill up their tanks in recent days. Picture by Adrian Dennis/AFP via Getty Images.</p>

Motorists have rushed to fill up their tanks in recent days. Picture by Adrian Dennis/AFP via Getty Images.

Some petrol stations across Liverpool have run out of petrol or have queues of drivers waiting to buy fuel.

Bootle, St Helens North and St Helens South are all above the national average for the number of petrol stations and have the most in the region, with between eight to 12.

Today (Friday, October 1) LiverpoolWorld has found details of a number of petrol stations in the region with fuel, or expecting a delivery, although an increasing number have run dry.

Park Lane Filling Station, in Park Lane West, Netherton, has both petrol and diesel available today.

Shell, in Derby Road, Bootle, doesn’t have any petrol at the moment.

The BP petrol station in Dunnings Bridge Road, Bootle, does not have any fuel but is expecting a delivery at some point today.


Shell, in Crosby Rd North, Waterloo, has petrol and diesel today.

In St Helens, the petrol station in Haresfinch View has petrol and diesel.

The Texaco garage on the East Lancs Road is also out of fuel and was expecting a delivery Friday morning.

The Shell petrol station in Scaffold Lane, Ince Blundell, normally a refuelling point for drivers travelling on the dual carriageway, has run out of both petrol and diesel and are unsure of when the next delivery will be.

The popular Spar Euro Garage on Southport Road has both petrol and diesel.


Government response to petrol driver shortage

Prime Minister Boris Johnson insists the fuel crisis is “stabilising” but the army could be deployed to start delivering petrol by the end of this week.

A final decision on whether to deploy military tanker drivers has yet to be made, but Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has said keeping the army on standby was a “sensible, precautionary step”.

Around 150 military tanker drivers will be available to transport fuel around the UK if required, a senior defence source has said.

The Ministry of Defence received the request for assistance from the business department, known as military aid to the civil authorities (MACA), on Monday (27 September), with the approval granted on Tuesday (28 September).

The troops will be mobilised under a long-standing contingency plan put in place to tackle fuel shortages, known as Operation Escalin.


The preparations to deploy the army comes as the Prime Minister said the fuel situation is “improving” and people should be “confident” to “go about their business in the normal way”, after days of queues outside petrol stations and pump closures.