Workers in Liverpool set to lose more than £1,000 in wages this year, TUC figures show

New TUC analysis shows workers in Liverpool are set to be more than £1,100 a year worse off than last year.

Pay packets in Liverpool are set to be worth £1,100 a year less – once inflation has been taken into consideration – than in 2021, according to new analysis by the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

The findings have been published as the TUC brings together union leaders and workers ahead of the union body’s National Day of Action to demand better for working people – and a parliamentary lobby.

The analysis, based on Office for Budget Responsibility forecasts, shows the median salary in Liverpool in 2021 was £25,005, but wages will fall, in real terms, by around £1,102 as soaring inflation outstrips the increase in wages.

The TUC says years of stagnating pay have left workers “badly exposed” to Britain’s cost of living crisis. The union body says the government must take urgent action to raise wages and protect families from growing household costs.

‘Ordinary workers are noticing it’

TUC North West Regional Secretary Jay McKenna

TUC North West Regional Secretary Jay McKenna said: "It’s a significant sum of money that people are worse off each year now because of the rise in inflation and wages just haven’t been keeping pace.

When you speak to lots of workers, that’s the reality - that’s what they’re feeling. They’re seeing it in the cost of things whether they’re filling the car up, paying their energy bills, going shopping. Even just at the end of the month or the week, they’re used to having a bit more money left over and it’s just not there.

No matter how much you earn - unless you’re a footballer on Premier League wages or a banker - unless you’re in that kind of bracket lots of ordinary workers are noticing that."